pang of guilt

- You do not have anything to worry more about him. He will not be disturbed.

His voice was suffering. Helen felt a slight pang of guilt. Paolo spent twelve years to perform this promise to her. Now it could be long since married, with a bunch of kids. And instead of - unnecessary wife and promise, were so onerous.

Nothing strange that now he wants to come loose.

- Did you bring me the papers to sign? - She asked, carrying a tray past.

He nodded in the direction of the living room.

- They are in the folder.

- Then let's start - she said cheerfully, trying to give the appearance of said at least enthusiasm.

While Paolo pulled the documents, she poured coffee, mentally berating himself for not having realized prepare yourself a cup of green tea. It's late, and she really needed to get some sleep before an early morning flight. Just not enough - to suffer after his departure provoked by caffeine insomnia.

Paolo looked at Helene realized that deceives himself. Drink what you want and not have to go to sleep. Not today. Knowing that they are still turned out at the end.

Sitting next to her on the couch, he accidentally pinched the floor of her dressing gown. Helen did not have time to react. By the time she tried to move away, one side of his robe was firmly pressed, fully exposing her left leg from the knee to the panties too outspoken.

Grabbing another floor, she pulled it on before was laid bare belly with belated regret thinking about the missed opportunity to wear jeans, before opening the door Paolo. But given that it is usually asleep naked, she was lucky that now it has something else in addition to the gown.

However, the great satisfaction she felt, feeling the impact of the connected embarrassment and cool room air the skin on the foot is covered with small ants.

To notice her confusion, it took an incredibly long time. His eyes ran over with papers on her knee, and then began to slowly climb up killer. When he reached the place where the skin is hidden under the robe, he froze. Then he drew attention to the whitened fingers clench convulsively tissue and finally on her face.

His eyes flashed something, something hot and dangerous and incredibly attractive. Blood ran faster, taking her embarrassment into something more primitive. But he had already turned away. Quickly rose, crossed the room and showed an unexpected interest in the knickknacks on the mantelpiece.

- I'm sorry - he muttered strange shrunken voice.

To regain full use of bathrobes, Helen wrapped it around himself, all dominated by the recent shame.

The main classification of dry feed

Dry foods are different from other kinds of nutrition optimum balance of all a vital substances: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. If used, it is possible to take into account the physiological and age-appropriate animal individually.

However, to find a suitable feed from the available variety in the market is not easy. To avoid mistakes, you should analyze in detail the characteristics of feed produced in Russia and abroad.

The current classification implies allocation of feed two categories:

    professional (feeds super-premium);
    groceries (food or premium economy class).

Class to which it belongs food should always be indicated on the packaging. Assignment to a particular class is not always based on the price range in which the food is presented on the market.

Composition of dry feed

The most important element of any food is protein. It determines the biological value of the product. The higher this value in the raw material from which the feed is produced, the better the corresponding parameters in the finished product, including the calorie content.

For professional feed points are based on high-quality meats, poultry and rice. Grocers feed "premium" is produced from the lower grades of the same products. Moreover, they are often added to wheat and corn. Feed the grocery type class "economy" is made from by-products, adding them low-grade grains. Sometimes the feed composition may change slightly. However, with the upgrade of feed, the animal needs are met more fully.

Another classification divides them into fodder polnoratcionnyh (Complete-feed) and nepolnoratsionnye (Complementary food). This information should also be indicated on the packaging of food. If the food is able to fully meet the needs of a dog, then it belongs to the polnoratcionnyh. Such food can be taken as a basis, making it the only source of supply.

Nepolnoratsionny feed can meet only part of the body's needs. Usually, it only added to the diet of the animal meat as snacks, treats or as a dietary food in the event of certain diseases.

Rules for the selection of dry feed

Age, weight, condition, amount of physical activity, especially the digestive system - the main factors affecting the nutritional needs of dogs. It is the physiological characteristics of the animal to fully determine the kind of food you will eat it.

Manufacturers usually rank produced food by age:

    for puppies;
    Dog juniors;
    for adult dogs;
    for older dogs.

Selection of feed should be based on the image of the animal's life. The daily energy requirement dog is the basis of classification for special types of feed.

    Dog food, or small families with great physical exertion. These animals need a huge amount of energy. They are available for food grade Active, Energy and Premium;
    Dog food of moderate loads. These animals have few energy needs. For them, it is best to pick up food from a series Balans, Standart, Adult.
    Dog food, practically on energy use because of their age or temperament characteristics. For them produce feed-grade Light.

Terms of feeding dry food

The basic guidelines in determining a daily dose of dry food should be instructions on the packaging. However, be sure to take into account the degree of comprehensibility, appetite and overall fitness of an individual animal.

Moreover, dogs kept at low outdoor temperatures, is required to increase the daily amount of feed of 20%.

Giving dry food should be soaked in the view. For this purpose it for an hour or two immersed in water having a room temperature. Do not pour boiling water feed, which is able to destroy some vitamins.

The use of dry feed ration without soaking dramatically increases the need dog in water. In this case, access to the fluid dog should be unlimited.

Terms & dry feed

It is not recommended to buy food unknown manufacturers, even if their price is very attractive. Particular attention should be paid to the integrity of food packaging, pay attention to the expiration date. Expired food can contain harmful substances dogs. Never carry food "in bulk" - especially in the natural markets or from random people.

In case of difficulties with the choice of food is the right thing to turn to an experienced dog-breeder, who works at the famous nurseries. Typically, these experts by experience come to choose the most competent feed a particular manufacturer.

Australian Shepherd bark collar

We should not forget the taste preferences of the dog itself. To account for this factor, it should take a few feeds from among those recommended by experts.

How to care of Australian Shepherd for teeth

In 6-7 months the baby teeth in puppies finally changed to permanent. Every week, with inspection of the teeth puppy a few minutes. That way you can at an early stage to prevent tartar. If your pet does not like to gnaw and chew, which is a natural way to clean up, you should check his teeth more often.

A well-chosen food should include coarse components: for example, cartilage, bone sugar. This will save you in the future from having to brush your dog teeth. However, it should be noted that most of the dogs are calm similar procedure.

Как ухаживать за зубами Bad breath is often a consequence of the formation on the teeth of stone. If the teeth in your dog appeared yellowish coating, we recommend that you remove it with a cotton swab and conventional tooth powder or a special toothpaste for dogs. As a general rule, if a layer of tartar still thin, you can easily clean it up. Destroy durable tartar help acids contained in tomato juice, so at times it must be added to the animal in the food. Another way to rid your dog of plaque - it rubbed her teeth with lemon crust.

Note that in all important measure. When cleaning your pet's teeth, try not to rub it too carefully, otherwise it may cause damage to the enamel and the further destruction of the tooth. The best option would be to visit a good vet.

Dental Health is also explained by heredity and characteristics of the breed. For example, miniature poodle often suffer from periodontal disease, caries, tartar.

It so happens that at the time when the baby tooth should be replaced by a constant, it continues to cling to the gums. This may lead to distortion or to a new tooth that will stick around two identical tooth. To prevent this baby tooth should be removed. This is especially important if you are planning to further expose the dog at the event. Australian Shepherd bark collar